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Creating Great Customer Experience with Salesforce



Creating Great Customer Experience with Salesforce™ 

Customer Experience is vital for success today and in the future. A customer’s experience of your organisation adds up to the Customer Lifetime Value.

From initial contact online, in store or on the telephone, through to service fulfilment and aftercare. Cloud solutions such as Salesforce make it possible to deliver key information to customer touch-points to help customers achieve their objectives. 

Customer experience needs to be designed into how the organisation operates. Digital transformation is a way for organisations with legacy systems to become more customer-focused. Successful transformations require good knowledge of the ‘as-is’ situation and a clear vision for the ‘to-be’ way of operating.

With Salesforce as a key component in the target operating model, Salesforce Administrators and Product Owners want the system implemented to easily support new customer journeys without requiring fundamental system changes. Customer touch-points and business processes should integrate seamlessly with Salesforce to enable cross-business processes. It should be easy to transition users and customer data to the new solution.

The flexibility and power of Salesforce brings a lot of options to be considered. Early decisions can have long term impacts as new functions expand the Salesforce solution complexity exponentially. Testing and deployment takes on a critical role as new features and integrations are added to a live system. 

We believe…

  • Salesforce is a great platform for customer-focussed business solutions.

  • It is easy to buy into the Salesforce vision of everyone having access to relevant customer data within the same system

  • Implementing Salesforce is the first step on a journey towards greater productivity and customer service

  • Many organisations are unaware of how they can get full value from their Salesforce system; deep knowledge of Salesforce is required to deliver cost-effective solutions

  • Many organisations are unsure how to explore Salesforce capabilities and ‘leave money on the table’

  • On-going enhancements are necessary to keep a Salesforce solution relevant; some organisations lack the skills and manpower to keep their Salesforce org healthy and productive

Taking on Salesforce can be scary, but it helps to have a guide that knows the terrain and has made the journey many times before. Where does your journey start?

Nubis Global is the ‘Pimlico Plumbers’ of Salesforce. Helping Salesforce users to implement new features, replace outdated procedures and generally extend the benefits of Salesforce systems. 

Whether your Salesforce system needs a ‘drains-up’ investigation, minor repairs or new capabilities unlocked, let’s explore how you can use Salesforce to drive performance and delight customers. Call Cato on 0845-519-4850 or email