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Team Members

Meet the Team


Cato Rockne-Meyer​

VP of Sales
Forward-thinking and enterprising Consultant and Programme Manager with a track record of delivering value in business and technology projects for clients in multiple industries.

Graeme Cameron

VP of Technology
Salesforce Consultant & Solution Architect with over 10 years Salesforce experience in scoping complex projects, leading discovery sessions, designing/implementing solutions and managing teams

Santosh Mandal

VP of Quality Assurance
Quality Assurance driven Test Expert with 9 years experience from all aspects of software testing in the financial services sector where reliability and accuracy are critical for business operations, regulatory compliance and customer experience.

Suresh Goli​

VP of Services
Highly experienced Salesforce Domain Architect and Senior Developer (11 certificates) with 10 years of solution development for a range of well-known organisations.

Abhinav Saxena

VP of Marketing
A leading Salesforce Marketing Cloud expert with in-depth experience going back to ExacTarget prior to the acquisition by Salesforce. Abhinav was involved in defining the Marketing Cloud Certification.

About Nubis Global

Nubis Global was established to offer a better and more joined-up approach to delivering business solutions based on the Salesforce platform. After 10 years of providing expertise to a wide variety of projects and programmes, we decided to curate the best of what works from different approaches and create a unique Implementation Success Model. The model focuses on delivering practical solutions, from initial capability roadmaps to design, development, quality assurance and ultimately successful user adoption.

Our approach is consultative and honest: we listen to what our customers want and offer practical solutions. We also challenge customers where we see opportunities for greater benefits or savings. With our Implementation Success Model, we are able to streamline the implementation from vision to business outcomes and deliver what the business needs more quickly. We work with Directors and Senior Managers across many different industry sectors, helping them achieve better results with Salesforce. Whether you need to increase sales, improve customer engagement or improve efficiencies, we can help your organisation to reach the next level of performance.

Nubis Global is a trusted Salesforce Consulting Partner bringing more than 10 years of experience from delivering Salesforce solutions in automotive, business services, energy, finance, insurance, media, publishing, retail and telecoms.

The Implementation Success Model helps to create a shared understanding of the customer’s business, identifies customer opportunities and goals. With this understanding, we are now able to truly partner with our customers, to help them explore the power of Salesforce, to inform their vision and shape the roadmap to deliver the capabilities needed for business growth. As we work together, towards the same goals, the customer's success becomes our success.

To get more value out of your Salesforce platform, contact us now to hear how we helped other organisations and how we can help your Salesforce success