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Administrator Support


Common Admin Challenges

  • Choosing the best solution
  • Juggling demand priorities
  • Supporting end-users
  • Keeping up with Salesforce releases
  • Managing licenses
  • Making changes right first time

Salesforce Jedi is a dedicated programme to help Sales Administrators stay on-top of their game by keeping up with Salesforce developments and platform administrative tasks whilst still having time to understand end-user needs and providing solutions.

Our research found that the majority of Salesforce Administrators fell into the role and often under pressure to keep up with business demand and platform updates. Many struggle to keep their knowledge up-to-date and seldom have time to discuss user requirements properly and find appropriate solutions. 

Only those that have taken the time to look under the hood on Salesforce and understand the underlying architecture will have any appreciation of the size and complexity of Salesforce. That's why we, and Salesforce, refer to the platform as an ecosystem. With thousands of configurations, hundreds of standard UI objects, a sprawling data object model, overlayed with multi-level access controls, it is impossible for a lone Salesforce Administrator to know it all. For most administrators, this often leads to hours spent searching online fora and trying out different ideas. Now there is another way.

With a Salesforce Jedi by your side, no user request is too difficult and you will find answers in half the time. You also benefit from the experience of your Jedi to quickly navigate the options and avoid the many traps along the way. As well as freeing up time to spend with the business users (your customers), you can rest assure that solutions will work first time and not create future headaches ('legacy debt').

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