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Salesforce Enhancements


Key Areas of Savings

  • Licenses & usage charges
  • Deliver new capabilities
  • Functional & usability enhancements
  • New integrations
  • Data migrations
  • Troubleshooting & support
  • Quality Assurance

Salesforce Plus is an on-demand service providing Product Managers, Service Managers and Salesforce Administrators with the relevant expertise they need to meet user demand whilst maintaining a stable Salesforce platform.

Top-tier Salesforce Partners generally provide comprehensive services and are an obvious choice for organisations new to Salesforce. They also bring great expectations for what is a significant investment. Once live, the experienced Salesforce Consultants and Developers leave the project to work on other client projects and you are offered on-going support from less experienced staff -- some whom may be completely new to your organisation.

With Salesforce continuously evolving the platform and your own users start demanding new features, the pressure falls on the Product Owner and Salesforce Administrator to keep up with the demand (including all the system updates and Salesforce releases). It soon becomes clear that the once pristine solution is actually quite complex to maintain and available resources spend most of their time on system updates. As the support cost goes up, end-users are getting impatient and senior stakeholders are starting to question the efficacy of your delivery processes, what can you do?

This is where our Salesforce Plus service fits in. This in-life service helps Product Owners, Service Manager and Salesforce Administrators to maintain and enhance their Salesforce platform by having on-demand access to the Salesforce experts they need to meet business demand and maintain platform stability. Our Salesforce certified consultants offer the experiene of top-tier consultancies at a fraction of the price, and importanty, each consultant is dedicated to supporting a handful of our clients. This way, you get what you need when you need it, and your budget will reflect the value you provide.

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